In 1986 a young, hardworking couple, imbued with optimism and the prospect of being able to raise a family in a new development, close to town, close to the Church they attended and close to the Tahoe Township school system, decided to build their new home in Granite Springs. They found the lot they wanted. There was a foundation on it and since the man in the family was in the building business, it seemed like the perfect fit. There was one catch. They wanted to see the lake. So they undertook to build a home with three flights of stairs leading to the main house’s front door. They built a guest home next to the enclosed stairs, together with a two car garage, a bedroom suite and a large office above with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and glimpses of Lake Tahoe. To get to the main house, they built a walkway. The main home is hexagonal, with four levels. When you are young, stairs don’t matter so the floor plan suited their needs by giving them access to the back yard, having privacy for their child and upcoming child, featuring a family room with built-ins, a guest suite on the same level, and two upper floors featuring two bedroom suites with high ceilings and a master suite with sweeping views of Lake Tahoe. Love and hard work coupled with craftsmanship went into the building of this home. Every aspect of its construction is of the highest quality, from the 2x8 walls to the passive solar system ringing the master bedroom, to the exceptional organization of the heating, electrical and plumbing systems which are easily accessible and state of the art, and to the soaring ceilings on all three levels above the main entrance.

Today, their children are grown and they are alone in the home. So they decided to sell it. It has been listed for the past two years and it has had an array of prospective buyers walk through it. And no matter how unique and dramatic the views and the amenities of this home offer, the same objection is repeated by those prospective buyers; too many stairs, too many stairs. All that craftsmanship, all that love, effort and money invested in this spectacular home goes unappreciated because of a few flights of stairs.