"The question is one of the most important in economics, however. Poor societies are mostly poor because of a lack of trust. The laws and institutions that facilitate market transactions and long-run investment survive and work because of broad public buy-in: the common belief that rules should generally be followed because others will generally follow rules." The Economist August 25, 2016

In our business "TRUST" is of paramount importance. It underlies every aspect of the transaction. Trust your RE Agent, trust your escrow officer, trust your home inspector, trust your banker, trust the Seller, trust the Buyer. We are face to face with our clients less and less. Digital Signing, PDF, email, texts, every technological advance EXCEPT the face to face interaction, the eye to eye contact with the person you "entrust" your valuable assets and information to.

So sit down with your client. Let them look at you and learn who you are.